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AST Defeasance is one of the oldest defeasance firms in the country. Launched in 2005, our Principals have a combined 30 years of defeasance and commercial real estate experience. To date AST has maintained a perfect track record, closing 100% of deals for which it was retained. Since 2007, AST has closed over 25,000 deals covering over $100bn in defeasances.

As a performance based firm, AST has a fiduciary responsibility to provide the lowest cost transaction possible. Unlike its competitors, AST Defeasance refuses to partner with individual broker-dealers, offering borrowers the cheapest defeasance possible by collecting multiple bids from the largest investment banks on Wall Street. Rather than simply executing old-fashioned defeasance processes, AST Defeasance assesses each deal individually, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to constantly lower defeasance costs. No other company can combine ingenuity, know-how and customer service like AST. We know that defeasance is often the smallest part of our customers’ refinancing’s or sales, and we take pride in our customers entrusting us with their deals.

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